We have two completely different turnkey men’s event, but the purpose of both the Movie Experience and The Battle events is the same…to get men to begin engaging with one another in an authentic and transparent way.  We just get guys talking to each other!


The Movie Experience has been presented at the US military service academies (like West Point and the US Naval Academy), US Army installations worldwide, NASCAR Sprint Cup teams, Teen Challenge Men’s Centers, Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conferences and just about any Christian denomination you can name.


Through the use of major motion picture clips from “Saving Private Ryan”, “Rudy”, “Armageddon”, “Top Gun” and “Walk The Line” to name a few, men come away realizing that they are not the only ones going through challenges.  Using a strategic balance of Hollywood action movies, relevant current events, Biblical Truth and personal testimony, men become engaged with each other.


The Battle men’s event is our second movie-based event, based on David Dusek’s second book by the same name. Victory in the battle of life comes by the hand of solid tactics, the undying resolve to win, and the unbreakable bonds of battle-hardened brotherhood. Using content from the film “We Were Soldiers”, personal stories of the men who fought in the brutal conflict portrayed in the movie, Biblical truth, and strategic discussion times, The Battle shows men how to defend themselves and those around them from the attacks of the enemy who is out to “steal, kill and destroy” their marriages, families, and legacies. Over the years, David spent considerable time with the men who fought in the Ia Drang Valley of South Vietnam back in November 1965. The men portrayed in the movie are his friends, and as he’s talked with them, he noticed a consistent theme: Every tactic, technique and procedure these men used to defeat an enemy in an unknown jungle, and outnumbered 5:1, will also work against the enemy of our souls.


Whether it’s the Movie Experience or The Battle event, men talk about what is really going on in their lives in breakout sessions, without faking it, and without the smokescreens.  Men leave equipped to deal with challenges and encouraged to “walk through life” with another man.  We help connect “David” to “Jonathan”, just like you read in 1 Samuel.

  • In the movie industry, a “rough cut” is defined as the raw, first edition of a movie, which provides an idea of what the finished product will look like, giving indications of where it has problems and where it excels. Much like the rough cut version of a major motion picture, rough cut men are a work in progress. We are not the “finished product”. (Phil. 1:6)
  • Our events boldly face relevant hot topics such as: fatherhood, stewardship, discipleship, character and integrity, and culminates with legacy, friendship and identity. Each segment is approximately 50 minutes and includes 15-20 minutes of discussion time in small groups.  This begins the process of open communication and growth among the men.
  • Either event can be customized to meet the specific needs of the men in your men’s ministry, organization or business. Since each topic is self-contained, the Movie Experience or The Battle content can be used as a stand-alone men’s breakfast or dinner event, an all day experience or a 2 or 3-day men’s retreat.


Each experience is customizable to meet the inherent needs of your men specifically. Pre-event consultation is available and, in most cases, recommended in order to maximize God’s potential during and after the experience.


Please understand that your church budget is one of our primary concerns.  It’s no secret that, in many churches, men’s ministry isn’t even a line item on a budget. We will do everything possible to make this experience available to all of your men.  We are a ministry, just like you!


You can set your individual ticket price wherever you wish.  We recommend charging your men something for this experience, as it will likely improve attendance.  Men often feel that if something costs them nothing, then it is worth exactly nothing.  Keep this in mind while setting up your men’s event.


You will receive an Event Proposal itemizing the speaking honorarium, along with all travel-related costs, once you have expressed an interest in bringing this experience to your men. By the way, the costs reflected on the Event Proposal are suggested, not mandated. We really will work with you on your budget. Really.


In some cases, a love offering in lieu of the speaker fee can be taken based on individual circumstances, our travel schedule and size of your congregation.  Please contact us to discuss the numerous options available to bring a ROUGH CUT MEN event to your men.


We refuse to let money deter us from bringing the Movie Experience or The Battle Event to your guys.  Let’s make a battle plan and get it on the calendar!




  • Perfect for a Men’s Dinner or Breakfast (1 Session)



  • Friday Night/ Saturday Half Day Format or All Day Saturday (Our most popular, including 4 sessions: Brotherhood, Friendship, Fathering Wounds and Legacy)



  • Three Day Weekend Retreat Format (Everything in the Premiere Experience plus a Sunday Morning “Man Church” message)

** Prices are for the Continental US. International pricing is subject to higher travel costs, based upon location.


  • Battle Ready Brotherhood – It’s All About The Fireteam
  • What’s Your Story – Overcoming Soul Wounds
  • Authentic Friendship
  • Legacy – Living A Life Worth Repeating


  • Let The Past Go – Overcoming Defeat in the Heat of Battle
  • Know Your Resources and Your Enemy – The Tactics of the Enemy and the Capabilities of Our Teammates
  • Never Pay Attention to the Odds  – Winning When You Feel Outgunned
  • Resiliency – Bouncing Back After a Bad Season
  • Establish Suppressive Fire Support  – Our Need for Brothers in the Fight
  • Maintaining Your Headquarters – Keeping Home our #1 Priority
  • Staying Connected to the Command Chopper- Keeping God First


These titles are utilized in a very intentional process to make certain points. Clips vary from less than one-minute to around four-minutes in length.

  • Walk The Line
  • We Were Soldiers
  • Saving Private Ryan
  • The Incredibles
  • Top Gun
  • Armageddon
  • Rudy
  • Forrest Gump
  • Facing the Giants
  • Lone Survivor