“For the past two years, we have had David bring the Rough Cut Men Movie Experience to our students and we are now making it an annual event. The movie clips are a powerful way to communicate and the messages really hit home with our men.  The movie event addresses topics like accountability, friendship, money, fathering wounds and belief, which every man faces, both in our centers and out in the world.  Our students came away encouraged, connected and prepared to go into battle for eachother and for the Kingdom.  You need to bring Rough Cut Men to your center. It will impact, inspire and motivate your men!”

Kevin Cummings
Executive Director
Alabama Teen Challenge
Lincoln, Alabama

David brings a much needed and often overlooked touch of practical, uncompromised application to the Scriptures.  By using multimedia and personal experiences, I believe hearts were touched and lives were beginning to change for many of our students.  I believe it also served as confirmation of the message that Teen Challenge has been teaching for well over fifty years for New Creations to preparing to continue their lives as followers of Christ.  As a Teen Challenge Director, and a military chaplain, I highly recommend Rough Cut Men.”

Rev. John M. Franich
Executive Director
Shenandoah Valley Teen Challenge
Mt. Jackson, Virginia

“The Rough Cut Men Movie Experience was an exciting change of pace for our students.  It was very thought provoking and generated an atmosphere of discussion that continued days after the presentation.  I’m looking forward to next year’s visit!”

Rev. David G. Hubbard
Teen Challenge Sonrise Ranch
Cache, Oklahoma

“Great message and presentation that deals with the issues that all men face.  Rough Cut Men hits the guys right where they live and leaves them wanting to press in deeper in their relationship with the Lord and become the men God called them to be.  A powerful message preached by a down-to-earth godly man with a true servant’s heart.”

Rev. Jonathan Maselli
Teen Challenge Syracuse
Syracuse, New York

“Our student body of nearly 100 men, many court ordered and coming from a background that would harden any heart, were talking about Rough Cut Men for weeks after you left.  Your approach truly meets men where they are…’Rough Cut’.  I look forward to your visit next year.”

Rev. Jeff Jones
Executive Director
Teen Challenge Central Florida
Sanford, Florida

“Cutting to the core of issues men face, our student’s connected to David’s teaching style, as well as the content.  Challenging our students to connect to the their God-given character, and live with honor, has been a shot in the arm to the culture of our campus.  I look forward to having David back and believe that all men can benefit from the call to be a little ‘rough cut’.”

Pastor David Kincaid
Executive Director
Teen Challenge Middle Georgia
Dublin, Georgia

“Thank you!  Thank you for pouring your heart into the men at Tallahassee T/C.  Your movie clips are right on target for men.  I know that the fathers, the students and the staff have been challenged to go deeper in our relationship with God.  I hope that every TC center makes room available on their calendar for you.”

Pastor Travis Moran
Executive Director
Teen Challenge Tallahassee, Florida

“It was good for the men hear about real stuff that real people deal with from a very real man of God….there was something in that for everyone.”

Nathan Charmichael
Assistant to Pastor James Bolin
Executive Director
Teen Challenge Mid-America
Cape Girardeau, Missouri

“This conference was an awesome experience for our Men’s Center. Students were intently engaged and extremely interactive… The students were certainly able to identify with a Christian example of a REAL man who talked about REAL life and it made a REAL impact on their lives.”

Pastor Kendrick Haynes
Program Manager
Teen Challenge
Pensacola, Florida

“David came to our center and brought a fresh ad original message which speaks to what it means to be a MAN of God.  Our students, and myself included, learned how to grow in Christ through open communication with other Godly men.  Very effective.”

Brett McKenzie
Education Coordinator
Teen Challenge Jacksonville, Florida

“What God did through Rough Cut Men was amazing!  Our guys were empowered to become truthful about their own shortcomings, realizing that they aren’t alone in their struggles.  David Dusek is truly one of the Holy Spirit’s tools for men.”

Michael Messier
Public Relations Director
Teen Challenge Christian Life Ranch
Phoenix, Arizona


“I have been at this center for ten months, and I have never experienced anything like this.  It was AWESOME!”

“RCM has motivated me in ways that only God can, to be my best and do more each and every day.  The way the movie clips bring the whole room together, then the impact point zooms in on my life and the things I need to do to equip myself for the Lord’s army.  It made me look at and face things I haven’t wanted to but really have to.”

“You really are the most motivating speaker I’ve sat under so far, an instrumental part of my recovery.”

“I have received a greater sense of purpose through the teaching style and material Mr. Dusek has provided.  I have been able to forgive others and forgive myself so I can receive healing and move on.”

“These past 6 weeks were awesome.  I never would have tried to reconcile with my family.  I have never been this at peace.”

“God can use any forum to speak to us, and I believe that Mr. Dusek has a message that Teen Challenge students NEED to hear.”

“This was an amazing experience to be part of.  It showed me things I needed to see and learn, and also things that I’ve tucked deep down.  It made me bring them out of me and share them with others and deal with things I never wanted to.”

“The way that he uses the video clips and explains everything in a way we understand and ties [them together] is amazing.  I think every broken and battered man that lived the crazy lives that we lived needs to experience these sessions.  It has really helped and impacted me and my brothers…it’s amazing to go through.”

“Mr. Dusek has been more than a blessing. I n a moment that he and I talked, he helped me to press on and encouraged me to stay strong.”

“The Rough Cut Men Experience impacted me because…it not only dug into the far regions of my mind, but also helped me open and take a hard look at my heart.”

“Thanks for coming to Teen Challenge.  Wish you could stay and be a teacher for us on a daily basis.”

“It has helped me SO much in my understanding.  I started talking to my mom again, and I adopted two new parents.  I also wrote a letter apologizing to my parents and they’re coming to see me next month.”

“RCM really cuts to the heart of issues (using) a movie clip that society sees just as a movie but that RCM sees as a tool for Christ.”

“It has opened my eyes to a whole new me.”

“I now have a stronger relationship with God.  RCM will open the eyes of the blind and lead them to Christ.”

“RCM has made me realize that I need to start thinking of the path I lead, the examples I supply to my children.  To leave a legacy that is true to Jesus.”

“Everyone needs to realize that it’s not what you do in this life, but how you do it.  RCM has helped me come to that conclusion.”

“By using the videos and the message given to me, I know that my legacy and how I impact the world and people around me, is very important.”

“… I also now know that things I am dealing with and keeping a secret are hindering my walk with God.”

“Loved it very much, your ministry is very powerful.  Your use of videos – wow!  Thank you for your devotion and passion; it shows your love for us.”