Your program provides one of the best vehicles I’ve ever seen to open people up and get them to tell their story— which is the most powerful personal evangelistic weapon we have against our enemy.” – Lt. Colonel John Edsall – Marion Military Academy – Ocala, Florida

“Thank you, David.  God used you in a great way in mine and my son’s life and we will be eternally grateful.” – Brian Chandler – Lake Sawyer Christian Church – Seattle, Washington

“We are not privileged to see each others hearts as He sees them unless we are able to let down our guard and allow ourselves to become vulnerable.  I appreciate your willingness to do just that…Our men have been more excited about the nights that you were here than anything I have seen in the past.” – Pastor Bill Leahy – Crestview Baptist Church – Lakeland, Florida

“David Dusek presented relevant, interesting and inspiring information…He is a leader extraordinaire!” — Don Flewelling – State Road Advent Church – Portland, Maine

“I love his passion.  I love his commitment.  David is determined.  He is a man on a mission.  He will not be distracted.  He will not be deterred… I am so grateful that God has put a man like David out there to help these men.” – Dr. Patrick Morley – Author, President and CEO –  Man in the Mirror Ministries –  Orlando, Florida

“I listened to David tell his own story of personal tragedy, loss and catastrophic wake-up calls.  Many of his comments will “rattle” your soul, as will his illustrations and movie clips.  David will challenge his audience to grab hold of every Biblical principle and grow into a vessel used by God.” – Jerry Sinclair – President – Faithful and True Marriage Ministry – Jacksonville, Florida

“David Dusek is a man of God. He delivered a powerful message, a rallying cry for our men to step up, put on their armor, and battle the evil we face daily.  His teaching challenged us to be accountable as husbands, as fathers, and as men of the community.  I know that, through this men’s conference, our men’s ministry will begin to reach its true potential focused on Christ.  This is a message that all men desperately need to hear.  Can’t wait to do it again.”  – Brad Lipscomb- Director of Men’s Ministry- Covenant United Methodist Church- Dothan, Alabama

“David is a great communicator and makes topics relevant… I had the blessing to attend David’s Rough Cut seminar.  David is great at taking real life experiences and weaving them with the fiction of movies.  Combine this life application with Scriptural reference, and it is easy to let the Holy Spirit take over.  I hope many churches will take the opportunity to invite David to come into their lives and lift up the men in their body, to become men and leaders in their families, marriages, relationships, churches, communities, jobs and marketplaces” – RK Kleibenstein – South Palm Community Church – West Palm Beach, Florida 

“David Dusek has a passion for seeing men become all Christ wants them to be.  This passion is joined with a heart for the local church, which ignites David as a catalyst for men’s ministry in the church.  His enthusiasm, understanding of men’s issues and practical insights make him one of God’s gifts to the church of the 21st century.” – Rev. Dale Schlafer – Founder of The Center for World Revival and Awakening and organizer of “Stand in the Gap” 1997 in Washington, D.C.

“The movie clips added a unique dynamic that really brought the message to life in a visual way that was just perfect!  Thanks again for an awesome experience”. — Cory Pantelakis, Men’s Ministry Director, The Grace Place — West Palm Beach, Florida

“I am always looking for ways to reach the men in our congregation of 1900…Men in general are notorious for avoiding the important and for focusing on the urgent.  ROUGH CUT MEN offered our men’s ministry the perfect vehicle to reach the hearts, minds (and eyes) of our men.  David uses our pop culture’s most memorable movie scenes to effectively deliver a Biblically-based message that men need other men to defeat the enemy, and stand up for each other in regular fellowship.  His message resonates because it is real and transparent… We are already seeing the fruits of [Rough Cut Men], as more than 15 new men have reached out to us about getting involved the men’s ministry and joining a small group” — Todd Menke, Director, Men of Redeemer — Sarasota, Florida

“Thank you for another fabulous event. The use of movie clips in an event like this is brilliant!  You capture the attention of the men in the room and then use that to get God’s word across to them. A perfect event to invite the ‘on the fence Christian man’”. – Dino Benvenuti – United Methodist Church of the Palm Beaches Ironmen – West Palm Beach, Florida